Our olive groves

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Our OLIVE GROVES lie in the municipality of Altomonte, in the heart of the province of Cosenza, in an area of about 60 hectares, at an altitude of between 200-400 m s. l. m, which provide the fruits for a high quality extra virgin olive oil falling within product specification BRUZIO DOP (denomination of protected origin) and in disciplining of AIAB (Italian Association Organic Agriculture).

The Corporate Center and the greater extension degli ulivi is in the municipality of ALTOMONTE, in the hills of Torre Simone and charcoal. Main cultivars of our olive trees are ROGGIANELLA (75%) and WAGENINGEN (15%) and LECCINO (10 percent).

The ROGGIANELLA variety is the cultivar prevalent in this hills. Submitted by many centuries in this environment with a mild climate having the Ionian Sea to the East and the West the Tyrrhenian Sea North to shelter from cold winds the Pollino massif.

The characteristics of the soil and the modern techniques of cultivation (without recourse to pesticide treatments), contribute to the achievement of quality unique vertices in any other environment.